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When you get more familiar with the hair extension market and deals, you realize that most of hair artists claim how they have the highest quality, virgin Russian hair donors. They sell this hair for hundreds or thousands of dollars. However, in reality, this hair comes from many other sources and is heavily processed before it reaches any hair salon.

The European Hair

The hair used for extensions, found in hair salons usually comes from Europe, predominantly from donors who are native to South America, Italy or some Eurasian countries. Cuticles of this hair have been processed in order to remove split ends, get rid of the thick texture and remove the dark color pigmentation. Then, in order to resemble common western, Caucasian hair, fabric colors are used for tinting and achieving the desired shade.

Hair of Other People

Indian and Asian people usually have very dark and straight hair. Thus, their hair needs to be processed the same way as the one coming from Europe, even harsher. Once the pigments have, almost completely, been removed, a layer of silicon coating is applied in order to make up for the lost texture. Due to all these facts, Asian hair is the cheapest one and lasts for the shortest time, being clearly noticeable as a hair extension.

As for the rarely obtainable raw virgin Russian hair, this one is Caucasian by default. So, no significant treatments are necessary. Once installed as an extension, it is silky and vivid, even after dying or bleaching. This hair looks realistic and natural and lasts for years. Therefore, it is considered the very best in the world of hair extensions. It is softer, finer and matches western hair more.

The Cost and Additional Facts

Naturally, virgin Russian hair is the most expensive type of hair. However, this is so for a reason. Namely, its quality is supreme and its durability will pay off for the price invested. Other hair types lack this quality due to their exposure to chemicals and processing. Therefore, these can only last for months, while virgin Russian hair lasts for many years.

All in all, any salon which claims to have virgin Russian hair, but gives only a 6 month guarantee on the hair extensions is lying. Keep in mind that cheaper, low quality hair cannot be dyed, does not look real, tangles quite often and is hard to maintain. Moreover, with these hair extensions you are not advised to go swimming.

Virgin Russian hair, on the other hand, looks very natural, can be dyed, can tolerate water in swimming pools, does not tangle and requires minimal maintenance.

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