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A few words about the cysts

It is important to know that the cysts are actually the closed formations that resemble the tiny bags and which tend to form in almost any part in the organism, but they are also very frequent on the skin. They are among the most frequent skin problem and blemishes, but, they are, on the other hand, the hardest to be treated, since they are simply the enclosed formations. Because of that, also, there is rather an increased possibility of something going wrong when trying to remove it and that way to provoke some other, more serious complications.

Anyway, as far as the cysts that are filled with sebum are concerned, they are likely to occur on the spots of the inflamed and, therefore, swollen follicles of hairs. Much more rarely, they are the consequence of some traumatic injury, and they are movable under the surface of the skin.How to remove the cyst successfully?

When it comes to the treatment, the conventional one is focused on the surgical intervention which simply consists of making a small incision and taking the whole cyst out of the skin. As already said, it is rather complicated to remove the cyst,and that is because of its membrane. One way is to get rid of it by the use of the phenol, and this solution is most frequently recommended. However, before the extraction process itself, very carefully done cutting should be performed and it is essentially important that it is at first sharper that during the rest of the process of making the incision.

When it comes to this intervention, first of all, it is strongly advised to stay away from cutting the cysts if there’s the inflammatory process involved and that there should be not any flow of the fluid whatsoever. But if this still occur, the substance called epinephrine should be used to reduce the blood flow from the wound. The cut should be simple (that is, consisting of just one line), but, in the severe cases, it should be of the most appropriate rectangular shape. All in all, it is essentially important to stop the contents from the cysts from getting into the direct contact to the opening in the skin made by a scalpel, since it will create the additional problem of a very likely infectious process.

Of course, having this all done, it is compulsory to cleanse the wound, which should be closed previously by the suture.

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