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A cyst is a permanent lump that is located under the skin and is usually harmless and almost always painless, and it can usually appear around the head, neck and back area. The surface of a cyst is usually smooth and there is usually a natural body oil, called a sebum, underneath, which is causing the swelling.

The sebum is made up of layers of the impacted hair follicles and layers of accumulated skin scales.

There is usually nothing to worry about with cysts, and sometimes a doctor will prescribe medication for it if it begins to ooze or seep. Sometimes surgical procedures can be used to remove them as well, but as long as it is not infect and it does not burst, a person can usually just live with it, because it is not dangerous to a person’s health.

Natural treatments

If the cyst is red, oozing contents or is sore, then a person can place a warm washcloth on it several times a day. This will help to increase blood circulation in the area and quiet the angered cyst.

If a cyst ruptures, then it could cause an infection. The best thing to do in this case is to wash it with soap and water and then put a little hydrogen peroxide on it with the use of a cotton and some antibacterial ointment.

It is important to also cover the ruptured cyst with a bandage or gauze so that it does not get dirty and potentially infected.

It is important to never try to remove the cyst by one’s self and perform a so-called “bathroom surgery.”

Doctors say that if a person tries to squeeze it, the contents will probably just go further into the skin and cutting it can cause sever infection and even leave a scar, so it is best to just leave it alone if it is not oozing, infected or oozing.

The best natural cures for cysts include taking a lot of vitamins, herbs and using hot compresses.

Dry heat can be applied to the cyst in order to shrink it.

One of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies includes hepar.sulph and calc sulf.

Milk thistle is a good remedy as well, along with red clover and burdock root.

Vitamin A and B are also good for the skin, as are vitamin C and zinc, which will boost the immune system and give a person healthier skin.

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