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Sebaceous cyst occurs by clogging hair follicles where the subcutaneous bag in which the sebum is deposited forms. Cysts manifest as red knots that may appear on arms, legs, face, neck, chest and groin. They equally affect men, women and children. Sebaceous cyst is not necessary to press out as pimples, because the body absorbs the material made in them - keratin, where weeks or even months are required for cysts disappeared.

As noted above, sebaceous cysts are harmless and usually go by themselves. However, if a sebaceous cyst becomes abnormally large, hot to the touch and extremely painful, it is necessary to visit a doctor because there is a possibility for infection. Doctor, under local anesthesia removes a cyst by drainage, lancing or cauterizing. This procedure takes no longer than half an hour, preventing further spread of infection. If the cyst is large, wound can sew up, leaving a few stitches. This procedure is a common and simple and usually does not leave behind any complications.

Although it isn’t established with certainty what causes sebaceous cysts, it is estimated that they generate as a result of increased secretion of testosterone which produces excess sebum that is failing to ooze out, forming cysts. These cysts are most often formed in places abundant in hair, such as skin of the head, legs, groin area and behind the ears.

Sebaceous cyst can be reduced by the drying heat. Waxy substance that is formed in cyst under the influence of heat melts allowing the body to absorb it. This procedure performs with pads which warm up to high heat twice a day for 15 min during 7-10 days. If the cyst doesn’t disappear after this treatment, it is desirable to visit the doctor to arrange its removal. Pads should not be heated too much because the high temperature can lead to the development of bacteria inside the cyst, causing infection.

Homeopathic treatment is alternative method for overcoming sebaceous cysts, which involves the use of Hepar.sulph and Calc sulph. These are proved to be very efficient and safe ways for removing sebaceous cysts.

Fighting sebaceous cyst also involves use of certain herbs and dietary supplements (vitamins A, B, C and zinc), which main task is to raise the immune system to make the body more easily purify from cysts. Herbs which proven eliminate sebaceous cyst are milk thistle (cleanses the liver), red clover and burdock root.

A healthy lifestyle can also help in the prevention and elimination of sebaceous cysts. The most important thing is to have rest as much as the body requires and find the best way to overcome the consequences of stress. In addition, it is necessary to reduce sugar intake because of its limiting effect on immunity.

Above mentioned methods for removing cysts can’t help with certainty. Some cysts are just resistant to any method that tries. In such persistent cases, sebaceous cyst should be rehabilitated by the physician. No matter how irritated sebaceous cysts are, it shouldn’t open or stingy independently, because it increases the risk of the infection.

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