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People are not aware that there are various types of cysts. Epidermoid cysts are just one of the cyst types. These particular cysts form under the skin in the areas of face, neck, trunk and in some cases genitalia area. Cysts are, as most people know, small bumps. They tend to form quite slowly and in most cases cause no pain whatsoever. People tend to mistake the epidermoid cysts for sebaceous cysts but sebaceous cysts do not occur as often as epidemoid ones.In most cases of epidermoid cysts, there is no need for any kind of a treatment. They also cause almost no problems. However, if they rupture or get infected, they can be surgically removed.In almost all cases of epidermoid cysts, they are noncancerous. However, there are a few cases, thought rare, when they give rise to skin cancer.


A person can discover epidermoid cysts on his or her own. They are round in shape and can be moved with fingers with no problem. In most cases, these cysts are white or yellow in color. Epidermoid cysts tend to be not smaller than ¼ of an inch and they are usually not bigger than 2 inches in diameter.In some cases, the cysts are formed with a central opening and a lot of people will be tempted to squeeze the thick material out. However, there is a possibility of infection and even scaring and that is why people should let the dermatologist do it.Elderly people are more likely to have miniature epidermoid cysts, which are called milia. However, only people with significant sun damage on the cheeks and temples tend to have them.In cases when the cysts get infected, a person will notice a thick, yellow material draining from the cysts. A foul odor is usually present as well. The area just around the cyst is likely to become red and swell up in case of an infection.


People should know that there is no sure way a person can prevent cysts from forming. However, people can lessen the chance of them forming by avoiding too much sun exposure and using too much oil-free skin care products. People should also avoid squeezing the cysts in order not to get scars and infections.

Treatments and drugs

If the cysts get infected or rupture, there are ways a person can solve the problem. Corticosteroid injections are an option in case of an inflammation.Incision and drainage are an option but cysts tend to recur after this procedure.Total and minimal excisions are also an option and so is the use of a carbon dioxide laser.

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