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This problem is associated with the hair follicles inflammation or the sebaceous gland blockage. This is not a serious condition and there are some ways in which it can be eliminated. The visit to the hospital is not needed in most of the cases, and here we will focus on the home remedies that you can use and that can bring relief from the sebaceous cysts. They are formed under the skin and they appear like a closed sac. They have a foul smell due to the keratin and other substances they contain. Keratin is the one that causes the blockage of the sebaceous gland. Palms and feet soles are places where these cysts cannot be formed, but hey can form anywhere else on the body. Back, chest, upper arm, face, ears, scalp and other hairy areas of the body seem to be better suited for the development of these cysts. Scrotum and vaginal region are places on which the sebaceous cyst can be developed but this happens rarely. There are many efficient home remedies that can cure this problem. But if the cyst becomes infected, you have to get to the hospital.

Symptoms and Causes

These cysts can move and they are formed under the skin, resembling lumps. Tenderness, inflammation and redness will appear on the location if the cyst has been infected. They have certain substance and bad smell, but the pain is rarely induced by the sebaceous cyst. The most common causes for these cysts are swelling of the hair follicles and sebaceous gland blockage, but there are the several other possible causes, such as hereditary conditions, skin inflammation problems, sebaceous gland rupture, damaged hair follicles, excessive testosterone secretion and several others.


Surgery is needed in more serious cases associated with large cysts. Also antibiotics and corticosteroids are given if the infection is present. Punch biopsy excision, minimal excision and wide excision are three types of surgery that can be used for the removal of sebaceous cysts. But you can treat this problem at your home. We will give you several home remedies to try if you are experiencing the sebaceous cyst problem. A proper hygiene is very important, not only for the problem we are talking about, but for the entire body. Antiseptic abilities of the tea tree oil can help, if apllied on the location. Also you can apply orange peel or clay mask, which will dry out the cyst. This mask needs to be placed before going to bed and left for entire night. You can also use goldenseal or its oil. Include a lot of vitamin A and B, zinc and other minerals and nutrients in your diet. Avoid sun exposure and drink at least 8 glasses of water during the day. If the cyst is large or the infection appears, visit the doctor. Also remember never to try to squeeze out the cyst.

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