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Herbs for Pets

There are herbal remedies that can be used to treat pets that will both save the pets a lot of drama and save the owner a lot of money that can be wasted on expensive medicine and even more expensive visits to the vet.

Not many know, but there are a slew of easy natural remedies that can be used very safely to treat problems that an animal may be experiencing.

Problems treatable with herbs

If the cat or dog has a cut or scratch, a person should make a tea using calendula flowers and spray it on the cut. It is also a good idea to wrap the area with a cloth, because pets are prone to lick their wounds and can lick off the tea that was put on the cut or scratch.

When a dog or cat has an ear infection, it is a good idea to give them three to four drops of garlic-mullein ear oil about two times per day. It is also a good idea to massage the ears, because pets have long ear channels and it might take some added effort to get the oil all the way down. If the animal feels pain when the person is massaging the ear or touching the region, then, it is probably better to call the vet.

For an animal eye infection it is good to use well-strained goldenseal tea as an eyewash. Eyebright herb tea can also be used as a good alternative.

A good natural way to prevent fleas is to make an herbal flea collar. How is this done? Easy, by dipping a string into a mixture of essential oils containing eucalyptus, citronella and sage, and then tying this makeshift collar around the pet’s neck.

Infections can be treated with low doses of Echinacea tincture, low doses meaning five to ten drops three or four times a day. In order to determine how much should be given to a pet, remember that the dosage of tincture that the label prescribes refers to it being used by a 150-poun human.

Mullein tea poured over the pet’s food is a good solution for lung problems.

Calendula salve is good for treating skin conditions and if a pet is losing hair drastically, try using horsetail herb and nettle leaf tea to stop any further hair loss. Massaging the skin with rosemary oil diluted in almond oil is also a good idea.

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