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Fasting is conscious avoidance of certain food and drinks. This ritual can be rather beneficial for both, body and mind. Still, people who are fasting need to know the proper way to do it and not to jeopardize their health. Fast is great for elimination of toxic substances from the body.

Benefits of Fasting

People who are regularly fasting tend to live longer and are healthier. They can also fight against the aging process more successfully. Fasting can additionally prevent certain illnesses. The body gets rid of all the toxic substances that have been accumulating for a longer period of time. Even the weight can be lost if one is fasting long enough. And finally, the occasional one-day fasting can be beneficial as well.Tips for FastingModeration is the key of successful and safe fasting. Those who have never tried fasting should take it easy and start eliminating certain food gradually. Before the actual start one should quit smoking, drinking coffee, and alcohol for at least a few days before the fast. Additionally, there should be a cut in sugar intake as well as reduction of meat consumption. The diet during fasting is free of meat, milk and dairy products. Fruit and vegetable are available together with all the grains.

For those who only fast during one day this procedure will not be so hard. If fast lasts longer there are possible problems which can occur. They include excessive hunger, headaches or increased irritability. All of these will eventually disappear. The best way to reduce or entirely eliminate these symptoms is to drink a lot of water or fresh fruit and vegetable juices. Even herbal teas can be helpful. There should be several meals and between the meals one can drink plenty of juices.

During fast people must resist temptation and keep away from foods rich in fats and sugar. Exercise can be additional stimulus for body detoxification. Some people even meditate while fasting. Still, extremely strenuous activities are forbidden. Remember that the mind should 'detoxicate' as well and keep on with the positive attitude and thinking.

And remember that once the fast has finished one should not overeat and consume a lot of food as the stomach has most likely shrunk during the fast.


Before starting a serious fast one should consult the doctor. People who are suffering from certain illnesses are not supposed to fast. Even people who have recently been operated should not fast. And finally pregnant women as well as those who are breastfeeding should not engage in this activity.

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