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Leucoderma or vitiligo is a skin condition in which certain parts change their color and become paler than the rest of the skin. The disease features with slow lost of the skin pigment called melanin. This pigment normally gives the skin specific color. If there is not melanin in the skin it becomes white. The patches of white skin are especially noticeable in dark-skinned people. The only symptom of the disease is change of its color. Majority of patients, especially those who have to deal with large portions of depigmentated skin, suffer mentally and emotionally due to disease.

Some doctors believe that leucoderma is caused by mental stress, acute and chronic stomach disorders or damaged function of the liver. Additionally it can occur due to worms and other parasitic diseases. Even typhoid may cause leocoderma. There are even assumptions that disease can be transmitted from parent to a child.

Home Remedies for Leucoderma

The most effective remedy in treatment of leucoderma are the seeds of psoralea. They are applied in a form of powder. The preparation made of psoralea seeds may sometimes cause itchiness and this means that the treatment needs to be discontinued. Red clay has been also used in people suffering from leucoderma. Another herb which may be effective in this disease is radish. And finally, goose foot and turmeric are other plants which can be successfully applied in patients suffering from this skin disease.

Leucoderma can be also treated with specially adapted diet. Patients may benefit from fast which includes juices and then continues with special restriction diet including only fresh fruit. Then raw and steamed vegetables can be introduced into the diet as well as wholemeal bread or wheat tortilla. Dairy products are introduced last. The goal of this diet is cleansing of the body from toxic substances. After this diet patients can focus on well-balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. Fasting with juices can be repeated from time to time. Certain things such as white flour, sugar, alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tea should be avoided.

Conventional Treatment for Leucoderma

PUVA therapy is applied in majority of patients. The effect of this treatment modality is re-pigmentation of the skin lesions. Patients are given an oral psoralen and after a couple of hours they are exposed to ultraviolet A rays. The exposure is strictly limited. Patients can be also treated with ultraviolet B rays.

Another therapeutic modality is surgery. Vitiligo surgery is performed only in patients whose skin changes have not changed in size over the years. The surgery is not performed if patches keep on growing. In this case only PUVA is applied.

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