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Excessive Weight Causes Problems

Many people who have experienced howsuffering from excessive weight looks like, know how dangerous it canbe. Namely, numerous different health problems can stem from one'sobesity, therefore making it dangerous. Moreover, many people haverealized that, by taking control of your weight gain, you canactually keep yourself safe from all the problems which gohand-in-hand with obesity. Thus, reducing excessive body weight iscrucial and highly recommended.

There are countless methods for losingweight, some more efficient than others. Nevertheless, water fastinghas proved to be one of the best, being effective, fast andcompletely safe. Thus, many people opt for water fasting in order toget slim and get rid of extra pounds quickly.

Water Fasting Characteristics

As the name itself suggests, this dietmethod involves an intake consisting solely of fluids. You mightdrink water or other fluids such as juices, or lemonade. Regardless,you are not allowed to consume solid food. Thus, your fluid intakemust provide you with all the necessary nutrients needed for theproper functioning of your organism. Then, a detoxification of yourorganism will commence, removing everything except your vitaltissues. Depending on the period of days you fast, your weight losscan vary from a lot to unbelievable. Some people are even capable offasting for 40 days, staying absolutely healthy during the process.On the other hand, there are others who fast once a week, or evenonce a month, receiving benefits from their own methods. All in all,the best possible results may come from a 10 day water fastingexperience.

10 Day Water Fasting

First of all, before engaging into this10 day period of drinking solely water, you need to prepare your bodyfor this brave endeavor. Thus, the week before you start your fast,remove all other nutrients from your diet, except, fruits, juices,water and vegetables. Make this process last for at least three daysbefore the main fast. However, include it into your water fast if yourealize that you cannot endure living on water for 10 days. This way,you will lose less weight, but will still lose quite a lot.

Make sure you do not fast more than twotimes a year. While you are in your fasting period, be careful whenyou are standing up, since you might be dizzy. Also, before optingfor water fasting, consult with your doctor, especially if you aresuffering from some illnesses or other health problems. Additionally,drink only distilled or filtered water, since these two types are thebest for the purpose of body detoxification. Finally, you mightcombine meditation or yoga with you fast, in order to make yourresolve stronger, and boost your self-confidence.

After the fast is over, start eatingother food gradually and in small quantities. Do not overeat at allcosts. And, when you continue with your regular eating habits, becareful about your weight and the type of food you consume.

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