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Many people may have been wondering why fasting is one of the most commonly used treatment methods of many severe and acute diseases. When the toxins and acids accumulate in the body, these diseases occur and then body tries to fight it. These diseases will definitely make us experience certain symptoms. The body will try to fight off the prevailing toxins when they reach a certain point. These efforts are taken for acute diseases and this is done due to a mistake. Healing is what our body is trying at this point and this is the only thing that it is thinking of. When the body is healing, it does not need food and this is why we experience lack of appetite when we suffering from a disease. Also, bad taste in the mouth may be felt as well. But if we do eat, this will only provide the additional energy for the digestion process and thus, it will take the energy from the healing process making it last longer. This may make the disease chronic in nature.


Fasting, which lasts from two to three days, is conducted in cases of minor problems like fever, cough, cold and influenza. But loner periods of fasting are needed if the problem is more serious. This will require planning and before the fasting takes place, a period of a liquid diet or consumption of light uncooked foods for three or four days is needed. During this period before fasting, the blood will be clear and purified from toxins. Also, the body will gather the minerals and vitamins coming from the raw foods and this will provide additional benefits for the period of fasting. As far as healing is concerned, we have to follow rules and certain steps. This goes for fasting as well because it has to be done in a proper manner. Fasting is important but how you do it may be even more important. When we fast, the digestive organs will be more relaxed.

When we talk about the quantity and quality of foods consumed after fasting, discretion is important because otherwise, the digestion system will not be able to bear the increased food intake, which will make the digestive process end before it should. This will make the toxic substances generate and increase in number, which will make way for the diseases to develop in the human body. Day after one day fasting, you should drink fresh fruit juice in the morning and the boiled vegetables and some chapatti in the evening. Also, during the day, some fruits should be consumed. On the third day, you can eat normally.

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