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Hand Tingling

This problem, which is associated with the pressure applied on the nerves, will be thefocus of this article. The tingling sensation in the hands and feet is commonfor paresthesia, which is a medical condition and pins and needles is another termused for hand tingling.


Since there are many nerves in the human body, there may be many diverse causesfor hand tingling. We will have to explain some of them. When we applypressure on the hand for a considerable period of time, tingling sensation canbe created. Also, the feeling we are talking about can be experienced when wewake up. It is easy to place the hand improperly and wake up with a numb hand.Even shirts that can restrict the arm can sometimes lead to the tinglingsensation in the hands. When the median nerve is compressed, a condition calledcarpal tunnel syndrome is created. This syndrome can also cause hand tingling,especially, in the left hand. Median neuropathy at the wrist is another name forthis problem, which is somewhat common. The tingling sensation in the hand canalso be caused by the nerve damage.

There are several conditions that cancause hand tingling, and we will talk about several of them.The first one is the acute paresthesia, which is created due to the open mouth,panic attacks or hyperventilating syndrome. When a person is hyperventilating,he/she cannot breathe properly for some reason, and this makes the oxygensupply to the vital organs limited. Next possible cause is the chronicparesthesia, which is a result of poor circulation and which is common among oldpeople. It is mostly associated with peripheral vascular disease. The problemwe have just mentioned is created due to the atherosclerosis, in which plaque is gathered and the arteries are narrowed, thus impairing the blood supply. All of this cancause the hand tingling. Hypoparathyroidism, diabetes and hypothyroidism areconditions that produce symptom of hand tingling. The median nerve, which islocated at the wrist, and the ulnar nerve, which is located at the elbow, aretwo nerves that are mostly responsible for hand tingling during the night.This is mainly due to their location, since the arm remains in one positionduring the night. Hand tingling due to the compression of the ulcer nerve iscommon, since there is no fat or muscles protecting the nerve. When the wristnerve is compressed, we experience numbness and tingling in the fingers. Also, puttingelbows forward during sleep may create the problem in question. You can useelbow pads or splint during the night, since they can reduce or eliminate theproblem.


Antiviral medication, gama globulin, gabapentin, Gabitril or Prednisone are givenfor the treatment of hand tingling. Also, a doctor must make sure that some nervous system problem isnot the cause and in order to see this, doctor will do a CT scan. Try to clenchand unclench the arm when you wake up with a tingling sensation. This willeliminate the problem by increasing the circulation of blood.

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