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Numbness in left arm can be caused due to various reasons. It could be caused because you fell asleep with your arm under your head, or due to some serious condition like stroke or heart attack. In many cases, the numbness in left arm is an indicator of some other disease or health problem and the unusual sensation of pricking or burning should not be neglected, but you should immediately consult a doctor.


There are many causes of numbness in left arm and some of them include injuring or damaging of the spinal nerves, sitting or standing in one position for a very long time, deficiency of vitamin B12, calcium, sodium or potassium and the lack of enough blood supply. However, medical conditions such as multiple sclerosis, under-active thyroid, stroke, diabetes, or migraine can also be some of the causes of numbness in left arm. Applied pressure on the nerves at the wrist, also known as a carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as pain in your lower back can cause the numbness in your left arm, too.

You should definitely see a doctor if you experience any sudden numbness in your left arm. You could get the help of an Aspirin, but only for a short period of time. Numbness in your left arm can be due to the same sitting position that you have and therefore, you should stand up for a moment to relax your muscles that may have been strained. You can also get some medications prescribed by your family doctor. Sometimes, the built up of an excess amount of the protein Amyloid in the tissue can cause numbness in your left arm. You can sprain your arm while performing some difficult task, or while playing some sport that can cause the tingling and numbness in your left arm.

Treatments and Prevention

This condition is not very serious and medications like non-steroid drugs or antirheumatic will usually reduce the numbness. Physical therapy and resting your wrist, elbow, neck or arm can really help if you have problems with movements of the joints. If any serious condition is estimated, then the hospitalization is desired.

You can take some precautionary measures in order to prevent numbness in left arm. You should check the intake of sugar if you suffer from diabetes. In case of a vitamin deficiency, additional supplements should be taken. Numbness in your left arm can be caused by compressing it under your head or the pillow during the night, so make sure that you don`t compress it like that. Don`t rest your arm on the desk or table for a long time and try to move it every now and then to prevent tingling and numbness in left arm. You can always take a warm bath or apply some ice pack to the arm to reveal the numbness.

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