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Lack of sensation in some part of the body is known as numbness. Most people experience accompanying burning or tingling and consider this to be a minor annoyance, rather than a serious problem. However, numbness in the arm should not be neglected, but carefully examined and diagnosed by your doctor.

Causes of Right Arm Numbness

Pressure on arm is one of the causes of numbness in the right arm in the sleep. It is not something to be alarmed about, since most of the time people discovered that they were sleeping with the arm hanging over the bed. Similarly, numbness in the right arm may occur if you have lift something very heavy or have held a heavy bag for a long period of time.

Cold temperature is also one of the milder causes of numbness in the arm, so if you feel this symptom check where you have been lately and what you have been doing, as well.

Injuries of the nerves in the shoulder or the arms, known as brachial plexus can also cause numbness in your right arm. Common causes of these injuries are different accidents or even a gunshot through the shoulder. Sometimes, if you broke your wrist, hand, elbow, blade or the shoulder you might end up with similar sensation in right arm, along with the pain and burning.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by the compression of the nerves in carpal tunnel, but no one can tell why this happens. Doctors identified contributing factors for this syndrome, including: obesity, diabetes, arthritis and overuse of the wrist and they think all of these can provoke numbness in right arm because of the carpal tunnel syndrome.

Several other causes have also been reported. Sometimes, the cause of numbness you have been feeling may be: neuropathy, migraine, spinal cord injury, ganglion cyst, cervical disc syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome, kidney diseases or even multiple sclerosis (MS).

How to Treat Numbness in Right Arm?

Frequent or prolonged lack of sensation in the right arm should be reported and checked by your doctor, to be properly diagnosed and treated.

Complete rest is known to be the best solution for numbness in right arm. Some prescription drugs can relieve pain and tingling if necessary and sometimes doctors may prescribe antidepressant medications to relieve the numbness. Drugs are usually necessary to treat carpal tunnel syndrome and some other medical conditions that have caused numbness in the first place.

To be sure the bones and muscles are working properly, doctors recommend physiotherapy for patients who completed their treatment for right arm numbness.

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