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What is there to know about the tickle felt in the throat?

This particular sensation of somewhat milder irritation than the soreness, which is usually felt in the back of the throat, is very common thing to happen. It is not so serious health condition, but it should be treated right away after being noticed since this tickle could grow into some more severe health problem. So, this condition should be considered as the first notion of something going wrong with the throat, therefore, it can be referred to as the symptom.

In the majority of the cases, the ticklish feeling is actually the result of the dry inner membrane of the pharynx (the tubular passage from the throat to the esophagus). As already mentioned, the irritation is the most prominent indicator of this condition, however, the pain is tightly associated with the irritated lining. Also, the natural consequence of tickling is the cough, which is rather dry and not productive, and if not treated and chronic, this urge for the cough and coughing can lead to the degradation of the vocal cords. All this happens because the nerve endings in that area are provoked to cause the spasmodic movements.

How to deal with it?

It is good to know that the solutions used for sore throat are as effective for the alleviation from the tickling sensation. For example, the medications which can be found in any pharmacy and which are intended for the gradual melting in the mouth will make the lining less irritated. Nevertheless, these tablets shouldn't be consumed on a longer run. If the irritation is the result of some infection, it should be, logically, treated with the drugs that annihilate bacteria.

Besides the conventional therapy, of course, the natural homemade remedies are always welcome, since they are, unlike the ones above mentioned, free from the possible negative side-effects. The simplest way to deal with this problem is to irrigate the throat with the salty warm water four times daily. The increased intake of fluids, however, should be the first step in getting rid of the tickle and itch.

After cleansing the throat, it is important to heal the irritated lining and the best remedy for that is honey. For the best results, the treatment with honey should be enriched with a few tsp. of the lime juice and warm water after eating honey. Also, at least two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar should be added, and this vinegar could be as well used for irrigation. When it comes to the teas, the most beneficial is the one based on ginger, but it should be consumed when it cools down.

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