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Benefits of berries

There are numerous types of berries and they come from various parts of the world. The majority has been an inevitable part of the human diet for ages. However, relatively new kinds are becoming more and more popular since their nutritional power, as well as their positive effects on the human health and youth are being discovered. A reason more why berries gain on popularity is related to their positive influence on losing weight, which is why those who are interested in this gladly choose weight loss products that contain them.

Regardless of that, some of the most important health benefits of berries in general are the following:

Fresh berries have very high antioxidant capacity, much higher than any other fruit, and this is due to the quantity of vitamin C, E, A and vitamins B, as well as a number of minerals. All of this improves the immune system and makes the body resistant to various viruses and bacteria. Since they are loaded with antioxidants, they have the ability to neutralize free radicals and their effects on the body. Some relatively new researches prove that they are more than helpful in reducing belly fat, which further helps people avoid a number of heart or liver conditions that occur due to obesity. Due to their antibiotic characteristics, they help in prevention of various bacterial infections that tend to affect urinary tract. They have positive effects on the brain, vision and heart, which is because of special antioxidants that they contain and the combination of vitamins and minerals. Fibers play an important role in promoting the health of the heart, and blueberries, for example, are rich in it.

There is a number of other benefits of this miraculous fruit, but the fact is that numerous researches are being done in order to prove some of them and to find out about others that are surely present as well.

Three types of berries that should be part of the diet

Cranberries are easy to find and they have been known for a very long time to promote the health of the people. One of the best things about them is that they are effective in the treatment of the bacterium E. coli, which is very frequently a cause of urinary tract infections. Blueberries are not only delicious, but they contain high amounts of antioxidants. They are also easy to find, and having in mind their ability to neutralize the damage that the free radicals cause to the body, they should really be consumed as much as possible. Acai berries are becoming popular over the past few years due to their ability to help in losing weight, but the fact is that they cannot be found so easily on the market. However, those who can find them, should consume them on a daily basis, because they are said to be effective against the cancer as well.

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