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A Troubled Individual Desperately Attempting to Lose Weight

This article deals with an interesting diet for weight loss. Namely, it allows the person in need of tossing off the extra baggage to eat all he or she wants, as long as the person sticks to seven plus one strict rules.

It is a result of study of a man who wasn't satisfied with his doctor's idea of a weight loss program. Namely, he was pardoned from his doctor's routine weight loss checkup, because he was showing no progress... it appeared as though it was permanent. Until a curious thing had struck him. The weight loss was only as permanent as his lifestyle change was.

He had come to the conclusion that any diet plan change is a challenging one. Also that any deviation from the rules may well be a fatal one – that is to say the pounds, or kilos, if you please, come flushing back on.

The Question

How could he possibly ever adhere to the rules of this rigorous diet so strictly? He had then set out to find the problem of the rules themselves, rather than finding the will to obey them.

And he came up with....

The Answer

which involved eating a lot of food, but also the right kind of food. Thea idea was to to make the body "feel full", but without downing chunks and chunks of calories.

The New Rules

Here are the new rules Gregg had come up with, to modify his diet so that it actually works to the desired effect. One is to:

skip a meal per day

eat as little fat as possible

engage in physical exercise for at least 45 minutes per day

not to avoid, but strictly prohibit any intake of alcohol

avoid cheating on the above mentioned rules, except for maybe once per week

weigh oneself every day at about the same time

stick to the diet on a permanent basis

and finally, eat as much as one wants.

A side-note to rule number one would be, that one should skip the meal of the day, when one feels the most hungry. It may prove challenging, but will also become a seamless habit after a bit.

As for rule number two, it is possible by paying attention to the labels on the food one buys.

In addition, Gregg offers one of the tricks he used to fool his appetite.

The Huge Bowl of Soup Trick

The ingredients:

2 carrots

1 bell pepper

1 cup broccoli

1 cup fresh spinach

1 tomato

the ingredients are to be put into a huge bowls and microwaved for 7 minutes. A can of low fat and low calorie (less than 250 calories) is then to be added to it. Spice it up, and microwave it for another 5 minutes. Dig in.

Hopefully this will help any troubled individual lose the extra baggage as quickly as possible. After all, it is not only a matter of appearance, but of one's well-being as well.

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