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A Thing or Two about Drug Tests

Drug tests, as the name might suggestare examinations conducted in order to find out if a person has beenusing drugs recently. These are widely used in sports, due to thefact that there are many different drugs which can boost an athlete'sperformance. Therefore, these tests are performed, regardless of thelevel and the career of the athlete. If they appear to be positive,the athlete in question will face the consequences of this illegalaction and will be sent to rehabilitation or some other measures willbe taken. There are many banned substances in the world of sports.People who compete in sport activities should, therefore, stay awayfrom these since, sooner or later, the tests of this type will pointthem out and cause them problems, jeopardizing their careers.

Reasons for Drug Testing of Athletes

Apart from the reasons mentioned above,this testing can find the individual who has been using illegalsubstances and take preventive measures, educating him/her and tryingto make this person realize that drugs are bad and can cause far moredamage than benefits.

Furthermore, from an ethicalstandpoint, taking drugs in order to boost your performance is simplynot a fair nor correct way of being an athlete. Sport is all aboutfair play and correct competitiveness. When a person is cheating thisway, he/she violates the very principles of what he/she is supposedto present.

Finally, many athletes can suffer fromthe negative effects of the drugs they are using. These can causethem serious health problem. Thus, drug tests save them frompotential harm and return them onto the right path, the path ofsports.

The Test

The first thing needed for the drugtest to be completed is a sample from the athlete. This can be blood,urine, saliva or some other type of sample. The athlete needs to signa contract where he/she expresses agreement with the procedure.

Then, after the samples have beencollected, these are analyzed and, if the results happen to bepositive, the athlete is forbidden to enter the competition.Naturally, the athlete or his or her coach may ask for the test to bere-done in order to prove the drug abuse.

All in all, this is a very useful testwhich helps people deal with the common problems in the world ofsports. Sports is perceived as money for many people and a good wayof making profit. This goes against the basic principles of thisdiscipline and drug tests help us keep sport clean and fair.

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