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Hypnotized andsuperior

Despite the fact thatmany people doubt the real effect of hypnosis and hypnosis-based techniques,this method has produced more than desirable results on numerous occasions, andthis is something people who have undergone it will most certainly testify to. Amongmore prominent people who have benefited from hypnosis to an enormous extentare numerous professional athletes, some of which are even Olympic medalists. Thisfact, of course, is that it is not something to be taken lightly. Main reasons why self-hypnosis, visualization and imagery (methods and techniques) give superbresults is that they enable a person in question to imagine the desired result achievementquite vividly and in this way increase the overall might of their psyche neededfor the self-confidence and zeal boost in general. People who have undergoneself-hypnosis describe it as a kind of a movie which is on rewind constantly,and lasts all the way up to that moment when one begins to accomplish wondrousresults, and achieve nothing but regular success in the activities s/he haspreviously chosen.

The world within andthe world outside intertwined

This may come as agreat surprise to many, and may even cause slight discomfort in terms of theway people tend to view daily reality, but what has science discovered is thatour mind is not able to make that straightforward distinction between realityand fantasy. In more simplified and visual terms, this means that if a personis first asked to imagine a cat for example, and moments later a real cat isplaced in front of that very same person, brain neurons will immediately firein direction of the same area that is responsible for detail processing, forboth imagined and genuine cat. “Translated” into practice and real situations,in case a person is a competitive swimmer, one can imagine swimming the entirepool race, all the way to those most minute details.

The effect of this isthat once the person in question finds him/herself in such a race, s/he wouldswim it in exactly the same way as s/he had previously imagined it. This is whyit is important that a person imagines the race to its utmost fullest, i.e.imagine him/herself going all the way and winning the race. In addition, once aperson embraces the ways of self-hypnosis, s/he will not have to take any timeoff during an injury never again because the sole visualization of a greatsport performance holds almost the very same power and effectiveness as realphysical practice.

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