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A Brief Introduction to Leptin

These two benefits of exercise cannot be denied:

the burning of calories

the activation of fat-burning enzymes.

While this is true for exercise, the very same is true for leptin. What's even better news is that leptin is not a drug, it is already present in the human body, that is to say – it is actually a hormone.

Another fact is that one burns two thirds of the total calories while resting, the ability to stimulate the boost of metabolism during this particular period is favorable, to say the least. And especially for someone who's on a weight loss programme.

The Fat Resistant Diet is such a program which stimulates the engagement of leptin, which in turn means the metabolism burns more calories than it would otherwise.

The said diet plan is, furthermore, optimized to meet the maximum flavor one may get from such a program by means of including fat resistant foods such as:

tart blueberries

tangy pomegranate juice

crunch walnuts, and so forth.

The Plan

The following list is a list of five steps one may take in order to boost the metabolism.

Maximizing Flavor and Nutrition. This means that the foods included in the diet have the maximum flavor attributes they possibly have without hindering the diet. Each of the foods is rich in one or more dietary elements. These include:




Omega-3 and


The Use of Healthy Omega-3 Oils is important because these oils are essential to the functions of both the body and the brain.

Enjoying Nine or Ten Servings of Fruit and Vegetables on a Daily Basis. The fruits and vegetables are to be chosen by their deep colors and intense flavors. This is to reflect their anti-inflammatory properties, such as the presence of carotenoids and flavonoids.

Skipping Artificial Sweeteners and Diet Sodas is important because they only hinder the weight loss programme.

Indulging in Healthy Snacks and Desserts is encouraged if the choices are healthy. These may include:

crunchy walnuts

almonds, and

desserts made out of fruit and yogurt.

As a side note, it is important to emphasize the tone of this article. That is to say, this article doesn't actually constitute medical advice, but should rather be considered as a general purpose educational read. One should, of course, always consult one's doctor before engaging a diet plan.

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