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Information on Gingko Biloba

There have been numerous scientific studies performed inorder to investigate the potential health benefits of Gingko Biloba and theextract taken from its leaves. The results of the studies are very positive andit has been determined that the extract from the leaves of the Gingko Bilobaplant can be used very efficiently when it comes to improving the memory andreducing the risk of cognitive decline which is often associated with theelderly. The traditional Chinese medicine has been using Gingko Biloba for manythousands of years because it improves the memory very efficiently. It was alsoused for numerous other medicinal and non-medicinal purposes.

Gingko Findings

Certain other studies have shown that Gingko may providesome improvement in elderly people who suffer from various memory relatedproblems. All the participants in the studies have shown good results and onlya few suffered from certain mild memory problems. The contradictory findings ofcertain earlier studies were due to the lack of adjustment for medicationadherence. All Gingko Biloba supplements have to be standardized in order tocontain the minimum amounts of 24 percent of gingko flavone glycosides and 7percent of terpene lactones. Gingko may be associated with only a few minorside effects, but it may also prevent the blood from clotting which may be aproblem with all those who take Aspirins or prescription type anticoagulants.One must always consult the doctor before taking Gingko biloba supplements.

Gingko Biloba Products

There are numerous different types of Gingko biloba productsavailable for purchase on the market, but the main problem is that the qualityof all those products varies in the most dramatic ways. The best productsshould contain standardized Gingko biloba extracts which are obtained fromfresh Gingko biloba leaves and they should also contain Terpenes and variousother natural compounds. One should never purchase products which do not listthe concentration of terpene lactones and gingko flavones glycosides. Mostcompanies used alfalfa leaves or unstandardized ground gingko leaves, which arenot that effective, and it may be potentially harmful. Dead Sea Products areamong the best gingko biloba supplements available on the market. The healthbenefits of Dead Sea minerals have been used for numerous centuries now. The DeadSea region is located between Jordan and Israel. It is very important toconsult the doctor before using any type of supplement because it may interactwith other types of medicaments.

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