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As already well-known, the herb called gingko biloba offers a lot of beneficial effects on the overall health of the organism but especially concerning the treatment of certain problems of mental nature, such as enhancing memory helping to focus, reducing dizziness and generally improving the circulation of the blood. It is actually used in the eastern traditional medicine for thousands of years and nowadays has been becoming more and more popular in medicinal as well as the cosmetic and culinary purposes.

Health benefits of gingko biloba

Most commonly, the leaves from the gingko biloba tree are used for the further processing and for making the remedies. Apart from already mentioned examples of the usage of this plant, there are a lot of disorders (associated to the circulation and memory) which can be treated with gingko. For instance, when the brain is not supplied with enough of the oxygen, concerning the Alzheimer disease this problem could be successfully solved by the consumption of gingko biloba. In that case this plant encourages the circulation of the blood to the brain.

When gingko biloba shouldn’t be consumed?

However, although being very beneficial, this plant can also provoke some unwanted reactions of the organism. Such are the cases of the possible allergic reactions, the state of being pregnant (including the period of the breastfeeding), in the cases of small children and if someone has a genetic risk factor of suffering from coronary diseases, or any blood-related disorder.

It is essential to point out that the consumption of ginkgo mustn’t be combined with the intake of some medications such as the medications for reducing the inflammations, because the great losing of the blood may happen.

Because of all that, it is very recommendable to get the prescription from the doctor for ginkgo and to use it carefully. The dosage of it also plays an important role in the proper using. For example it is important to use it regularly, at the same intervals but for the period shorter than the three months. Also, it is not good to take more than the prescribed quantity mostly because there is a greater risk of having the negative following effects.

The side-effects

One of the most common problems that can show up during the consumption of ginkgo is vertigo. There can be some troubles with the digestive system involved, such as the urge for vomiting, diarrhea, cramps in the stomach and the problems with gas. But the most dangerous are the acute allergic reactions to this plant, and if some of the following signs occur the first aid should be provided immediately the troubles while inhaling and exhaling, the severe itch, serious dizziness, the losing of consciousness the strong heartbeats and if the lips or tongue are swollen.

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