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Some time ago, the people were always advised againstconsuming nuts in large amounts, especially if they were consumed on a regulardaily basis. This was mainly because they are known for containingsignificantly high amounts of fat and calories. Certain scientific studies haveshown that the real facts about nuts could not be more different than theprevious claims. The recommendations became completely reversed and the finalresults of all the tests were quite a surprise. These studies have shown, amongother things, that nuts are extraordinary sources of protein and that they mayprovide the human body with numerous health benefits.

Health Benefits

Nuts are jam packed with calories – an ounce of nutscontains approximately 200 calories. But most people are not aware of the factthat these calories are not that fattening as one would believe. The biggest partof the fat content found in nuts is either monounsaturated or polyunsaturatedfats. These fats are very beneficial because they decrease the levels of badcholesterol in the blood and increase the levels of good cholesterol in theblood. This means that nuts are very good for the overall health of the heart.Those who consume nuts on a regular basis can benefit from the fact that therisk of having heart disease gets reduced by an unbelievable 35 percent. Nutsamong the best plant based sources of protein. They provide the human body withthe precious protein but they do not trigger any side effects which maysometimes be associated with certain other sources of protein. Nuts can beadded to various salads and they are also highly recommended for everyone whofollows a vegetarian diet.

Nuts are very efficient in providing the human body withenormous amounts of energy and they are an excellent source of vitamin E,selenium, dietary fiber and various antioxidant substances. This is why theymay come in very handy when it comes to fighting off the free radicals andreducing the amount and severity of damage they cause within the human body.Free radicals are commonly associated with the process of aging. All nutsprovide the human body with similar types of health benefits, and it is hard totell which ones are the most beneficial. The most effective ones are peanuts,almonds and cashews. One should not consume more than two ounces per day inorder to gain the maximum amount of benefits.

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