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Nail Biting - a Common Habit

Nail biting is a terrible habit but many people live with it. Visibly destructive, this habit manifests through a craving for nail biting, chewing off the skin around one's nails or cuticles and similar actions. The process usually stops or resides temporarily when the person's fingers start to bleed, if they are extremely painful or even infected. However, some do not stop here, nevertheless. All in all, it is an unusually unpleasant habit bringing absolutely no good. Rather, people who bite their nails usually hide their fingers from people since they do realize that they are making a mistake. However, most of the times they are not even aware of the biting they themselves do.

This condition usually develops at young age, and most of the times disappears either before or during adolescence. However, some people never get rid of their everyday nail biting, destroying their nails and fingers throughout their lives. This compulsive habit is not the only one of the kind. Hair pulling, skin picking or biting can also develop the same way and up to the same extremes. Nose picking belongs to the list as well.

What Lies Behind Nail Biting

There are numerous possible reasons behind nail biting, some more plausible than the others. First and foremost, many experts consider genetics to be one of the possible causes. Namely, if there have been cases of this condition present in the family, it is highly likely that the child will be prone to it. Another common standpoint involves stress relief strategy. People bite their nails in order to calm their nerves down. Whenever stressed out, nervous or anxious, these people turn to this activity since it has proven itself effective and able to calm them down. Therefore, whenever feeling depressed or uncomfortable, these persons will return to the nasty habit.

Furthermore, mere boredom may stand behind nail biting since the addicted person, when having nothing to do, turns to biting his or her nails. Hunger presents an additional reason, especially, with small children. Also, perfectionists tend to have this habit, since they constantly try to trim and make some minor changes thinking that their nails are not flawless after clipping. Regardless, this habit leaves more damage than one could imagine. Numerous infections can appear, both nails and mouth including teeth and gums may be damaged during the process.

Possible Cures and Solutions

There are numerous different approaches to getting rid of this habit. Psychology offers one of them, trying to reverse the habit through psychotherapy. Additionally, there are numerous medications and antidepressants claimed to make one stop nail biting. Finally, numerous products may restrain people from doing this. Special nail polishes with extremely uncomfortable tastes are one of them. All in all, many of these work together combined, and one should use those approaches suiting him or her best.

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