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Personality disorder

Personality disorder is characterized by the dysfunctional thinking, receiving and understanding information from the outside world. It is a mental illness that has many types that differ among each other. In other words, it means that your behavior leads to destruction, while the way of thinking has a pattern of self-degenerating. In that world of yours, you don’t realize that you have a problem, blaming everyone else for your problems that you can’t deal with.

Causes of Personality Disorders

In this world, which is already over-populated, you can’t find two persons that have the same personality because personality is unique. It is a mixture of our emotions, thoughts and behaviors that are shaping from an early childhood. There are two factors that have influence in the creation of our personality, and they are inherited tendencies and environment. When we say inherited tendencies, we mean the genes that are passed to us by your mother and father. The other factor, the environment, includes the strings that we create with our family, friends and the people that surround us. The shape of our personality is influenced a lot by the type of parenting that we had, and the manner of our upbringing. There are strong tendencies to believe that personality disorders are developed due to the combination of genetic and environmental factors.


If a person who has symptoms of personality disorder goes to a doctor, it will be possible to determine if that person is dealing with this mental disorder, by using some medical and psychological tests and exams. In that way, the patient can be sure that he is not dealing with some other problems that have similar symptoms. These tests consist of physical examination, laboratory tests and psychological evaluation. Physical examination is basically checking of the vital functions. Laboratory tests include blood count, screening for drug and alcohol, and examining thyroid function. The biggest amount of time is spent during psychological examination. This is mainly a friendly talk about your emotions, fears, thought, growing up and things related to your personality.

If a doctor determines that he is dealing with some type of personality disorder, the difficult part of diagnosis comes, because it is difficult to diagnose what type of personality disorder doctor is dealing with. It can last long, but if he diagnoses the right type, you can be sure that the treatment will be appropriate. If a person is diagnosed with particular personality disorder, then it has to be according to the book the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), published by the American Psychiatric Association. It may happen that a person is diagnosed by personality disorder which is not classified in this book, but even so, those people will get all the necessary treatment. On the other hand, some people have more than one personality disorders that demand medical attention and treatment.

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