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A Greatly Underrated Medical Procedure

Even though acupuncture has justrecently begun to spread over the rest of the world its potentialshad been greatly harvested in the Asian culture since timesimmemorial. Namely, miraculous potentials of this medical procedurehave been neglected and looked down upon plenty of times, labeling itas “alternative” or adequate solely for the pain relief. However,acupuncture is so much more than that, it is a healing method capableof being more effective than numerous other approaches. Moreover, itprovides and stimulates self-healing and regeneration, regardless ofwhat medical conditions you might be suffering from. All in all,acupuncture has proven its value countless times, and itis just the matter of time when its true potentials will be takenseriously by the whole world.

The Principles behind Acupuncture

This method relies on a belief thatthere is a constant energy flow through each of our bodies. Thisenergy is called Qi and it circulates our body through pathways belowour skin called Meridians. Whenever this energy flow is obstructed inany way, we experience health problems. These problems may manifestthemselves through pain, discomfort, stress, depression, eating disorders etc.The worst case scenarios may even involve certain traumas orinfections as well as some other severe physical and mentaldisorders.

Furthermore, there are twelve of thesemeridians arranged throughout our body. These are in closeconcordance with our muscles and are greatly influenced by them andvice-versa. Therefore, emotions are closely connected to muscularmovements and we are able to control all our mind's hardships withproper health of our body. However, since we are exposed to stressmany times during our lives, or, even constantly, our organism getsincapable of fighting it. Thereby, it gets dysfunctional and damaged.This may cause pain, pinched nerves or other, more seriouscomplications, including strained muscles and tendons as well asorgan malfunctioning.

Acupuncture stimulates these Meridiansadequately, re-establishing the correct energy flow through one'sbody and, thus, removing any occurrences of pain and discomfort. Manyacupuncture practitioners will tell you that stress is the mostcommon cause of all illnesses and that therefore you need to know howto control it and avoid it, not letting it get the best of you.Subsequently, if your organism cannot manage to fight the excessivestress you endure, acupuncture is there to help it and restore theenergy balance, along with the health regarding both the body and themind.

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