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A post about knowing you really do not want any more children, now or at any time in the future, seems quite appropriate right after writing about permanent birth control options. Many of us have said or thought that we truly think our family is complete and we have all the kids we ever want already, only to realize that we actually might want to have another baby after all. How do you know you really don't want another child? Can we ever truly say that we are "done" having children?

As a self-confessed online message board junkie, I can't recall the number of times I have seen women inquire about a vasectomy reversal. Often, the guy had a vasectomy performed when he and his (then) partner were "very sure" they did not want to add any more kids to their family. The couple then split up and the guy got together with a new partner, with whom he very much wanted to have children only he has had "the snip"! A seemingly less common scenario is the very same two people who decided together that their family was definitely complete actually want more children.

Permanent birth control is very much a double edged sword, and its biggest advantage is also its biggest problem most of the time, it is actually permanent, or reversal is difficult and carries no guarantee of success. If you and your partner think you do not want any more children, look deep inside yourselves and examine the reasons why you think your family is complete. If any of the following reasons are on your list, I'd advise you to think twice, or many more than that, about whether a vasectomy, tubal ligation, or Adiana permanent contraception, is right for you.

Reasons for wanting permanent birth control that do not hold up to scrutiny

You would love to have more children, but cannot afford to financially Your house is not big enough for another child Your partner is sure he does not want more children (in that case, at the very least make sure that they are the one to get the procedure done!) You think you are too old You think having another child would put an unreasonable strain on your relationship

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