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Most new parents need some time to adjust to having a baby and take a while before they really get into the swing of it. If you are pregnant and wondering what the hardest thing about having a newborn is, we can tell you that there is no one answer to this question. Everyone experiences their "babymoon" period differently, and of course babies are individuals. Here are five things that many parents struggle with just after their baby was born.

Lack of sleep. It is true that newborns sleep so much that they are asleep more frequently than they are awake. But they also sleep for short stretches, and needless to say have no notions of when it is convenient to wake up. Nightly wakings are hard for many parents because whole chunks of your night get taken away. It helps if you can nap in the daytime, while your baby does, but this is not always possible. Also look at what to do when your newborn just won't sleep. Crying. When you are a new parent, and even if you have already had five kids before, it is not always easy to pinpoint the cause of a baby's cries. Are they hungry? Have pain? Tired? Wet? Too hot or too cold? Anything else? If nothing you try makes any difference and your newborn keeps on crying, that is definitely one of the hardest things about parenting a tiny baby. While you were pregnant, you conveniently carried your baby around with you wherever you went you could shop, take a bath, or even pee in peace. Now, these things are a lot harder! Thankfully this stage passes, and you will soon be able to have some time to yourself and even miss those days where your baby wanted to be glued to you 24/7! When they're sick, and you don't know what is the matter. Even new parent must have made panicky calls to their pediatrician or at least their own mom. All babies get sick sometimes whether it's after their regular shots, because of teething, or a viral infection. Watching your little one struggle might be the hardest thing about parenting a newborn. We've got to mention diapers, right? They're not really hard to deal with, unless your baby has a poo explosion while you are out and about and you didn't take any spare clothes with you. Trust me this will happen.

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