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Gelatin is a thickening agent that has no taste, odor andcolor and after dissolving in hot water and cooling it becomes a jelly. It getsextracted from animal collagen that comes from bones, cartilage and tendons butis mainly made from pig skin and it contains a mixture of various proteins. Thecollagen is a large molecule and its primary function is to keep the skin,tendons and bones elastic and strong.

The gelatin is made commercially by grinding up body partsof animals and treating them with strong bases and acids so that the cellularstructures can be broken down to release collagen from them. Afterward, theentire mixture gets boiled and the gelatin is produced during that process.

Gelatin improves the growth of the muscles because itcontains an amino acid called lysine. Another amino acid called arginine helpsin strengthening the metabolism and burning more calories. But one should takecare, since arginine is not recommended for people who sufferes a heart attack.Gelatin does not contain cholesterol, fat or sugar and is very helpful forthose who intend to lose weight. It contains various amino acids which areefficient in preventing the degeneration and weakness of the joint cartilageand that makes gelatin very helpful for those who suffer from sore and stiffjoints.

All the numerous amino acids commonly found in gelatin arealso very efficient in strengthening finger nails. Gelatin also keeps the hairshiny and healthy and it helps it to grow faster, longer and stronger becauseit is abundant in proteins. People who avoid products made from animals shouldalways check their ingredients of gelatin products because they are very rarelymade from certain types of plants. They are mainly products made from animals.

Gelatin boosts the proteins found in other types of foodsince it contains only the proteins that a human body can produce by itself. Gelatinis extensively used in the production of juices and certain types of alcoholicbeverages because it congeals impurities and separates them from the drink.Gelatin can be found in numerous cosmetic products because of its thickeningproperties which helps the makeup and other products to be more durable andremain on the skin longer. All the proteins in the gelatin also improve skin tone. Gelatin is also very beneficial for the digestive tract whena person has difficulties in digesting certain types of food. It eases the roughfood through the intestines and the stomach.

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