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It is important today to maintain healthy state of the both mind and body. It is interesting how those two elements are tightly connected, if one starts pulling to one direction, the other will surely follow, no matter which direction it is, good or bad. So, we can say that there are two methods of reaching health, through healthy thoughts and through healthy body.


No matter which method is used, it is essential to know and apply certain rules. Those rules are all orbiting around one major rule – whatever you do, do not exaggerate, and always choose a middle path. It might sound simple, but it is not. One example is dieting, since fierce diets with eating only fluids and nothing else, with minimum of calories is not good. But also, not looking after what you eat and exaggerating with everything, that is also not good. What needs to be done is eating moderate amounts of food and reducing junk food to minimum (no one says that it should be completely eliminated, only reduced to a harmless minimum). In that way, there will be no fear of fat accumulation, and even if there is some extra weight existing, it will slowly be reduced.

Healthy way of living also includes moderate physical activity. It can be performed each day for not more than 45 minutes. Since it is said that at least 30 minutes of exercising is needed to start the fat burning process, that leaves us with the time of 15 minutes of fat burning each and every day. Exercises should be appropriate to current abilities and age.


There are certain things that can help us in maintaining healthy state, or reaching it in the first place. If we talk about natural products, then we must mention herbal products. The benefits of herbal remedies are numerous; they can help us with excessive weight, with stress elimination, with soothing down intestinal problems, headaches, nausea etc. There are also herbal products that can help in prevention of some really serious conditions, such as cancer. Some herbal remedies contain large amounts of anti oxidants, substances important in dealing with toxins in our bodies. Some of the herbs and herbal products that can help are green tea, acai berry, Tava tea and all sort of popular and less known fruits and veggies. People forget that fruits and veggies are also herbs or herbal products and offer so many positive effects and benefits.

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