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Today, losing weight presents something that must be done in order to live healthy. There is too much junk food available, too many things that can distract us easily from the physical activity and a healthy life. It is well known that reducing eating and increasing physical activity are the best possible options when it comes to reducing the extra weight. Of course, there are some supplements that help in the process. When we think of supplements, the first thing that comes to our mind refers to the powder based products for muscle gain and fat burning. But, if something healthier is needed, we must think of herbs and tea.


Even though many supplements that can be bought today are safe and should not harm us (except in the case of some allergy), those products are still based on some chemicals that are artificial and that might appear foreign for our bodies. Therefore, many people are slowly turning to the natural methods for increasing the overall health, weight reduction, energy boosting etc. The easiest method for applying herbal products is by drinking tea, more particularly green tea.


One of the most effective tea brands is Tava tea. It belongs to supplements for natural appetite suppressant effect because of its characteristics. It has an interesting structure, because it is actually a mixture of three different green tea types, with each of those types having their own specific influence in the organism. We have Sencha for stress relieving; Puerh for enhancing the functions of the intestine tract, although some say that Puerh has a role in cancer prevention, too; while Wuyi Cliff Oolog has those wanted weight reduction abilities. And there is another simple function that tea performs, it fills the stomach so it automatically reduces the space for food. When drinking tea is performed several times a day, it is obvious that a simple space reduction creates an excellent appetite suppressant effect.

Additional measures

Even though herbal teas have a great effect for the organism, it has to be said that just using tea is not enough for weight reduction process to be complete. Exercising and diets are needed for creating a complete healthy state. It might not be easy, it will definitely take some time, but with some patience and discipline, the wanted results will come. With a bit of caution, they will stay for good, which means that once the wanted weight is reached, it can be maintained easily.

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