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Newborn babies sleep most of the day and toddlers some 10 to12 hours a day. As we get older, the amount of sleep tends to decrease and mostadults are happy if they got more than 6 hours of sleep at night. Many of them takea nap in the afternoon or wait for the weekend and then compensate the lack ofsleep.

Even if you are aware of the importance of good night sleepand try to take some 7 or 8 hours to rest your mind and body, it might bedifficult. Sometimes, no matter how much you need it (or because of theneed) you can’t get asleep. Occasional sleeping problems might be caused by emotionalor work-related stress, change of the bed, jet lag, too much food eaten late atnight or many other reasons. In that case, natural and herbal remedies mighthelp you.

If you experience chronic sleeping difficulties, it’s thebest to consult your doctor and discover the cause of the problem.

Sleep Promoting Herbs

Valeriana officinalis or just valerian is one of the bestknown sleeping herbs. You can use this herbal remedy without the worry you’llget addicted or feel hangover in the morning. The problem might be the smelland taste, which is not the most pleasant. Because of that, you can usevalerian capsules to ensure the calm sleep.

Kava (Piper methysticum) is a Polynesian sleeping herb. Manysaid that using this herb helped them to sleep very deep and dream. Do not usekava with alcohol. Avoid this herbal remedy if you have any liver problems.

Hops or Humulus lupulus, common ingredient of the beer, is alsoused to treat mild insomnia, as the tincture or the tea. There are also someherbal sleep pillows filled with hops.

If you are suffering from insomnia caused by working atnight or some tension, you might try some tea made of chamomile (Matricariarecutita), passion flower (Passiflora incarnata) or catnip (Nepeta cataria). Anyof these herbs should relax you enough to fall asleep, and even more – none ofthem will make you addicted to the sleep-promoting tea.

Another tea for insomnia can be made of: valerian, linden,chamomile, kava and catnip. Add a teaspoon (or maximally a tablespoon) of themixture to a cup of boiled water. Wait for 20 minutes, filter, sweeten if youlike and drink it.

Herbal Sleep Pillows

You can make your own herbal sleeping pillow, by filling adrawstring bag with some herbs.

Sleeping pillow filled with rose petals, lavender, hops androsemary is said to take away all bad dreams and nightmares. Try thecombination of hops, mugwort and sweet marjoram or lavender to reduce everydaystress. Some hospital patients may feel better with the sleeping pillow madefrom lilac blossoms, lavender, marjoram, spearmint, mugwort and catnip.

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