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Herbs and herbal products are again becoming more and more popular in the treatment of numerous and various conditions. The reason why people give them a try is related to the fact that they are practically free of side effects. Even if some unwanted effect does appear, it is not at all serious, particularly when compared to side effects that medications can have. Besides, they can be obtained without a medical prescription, which means that there is no need to visit a doctor. As for the herbal sleep aids, there is a number of those that are more than effective and what’s more, they show positive results very quickly.

Herbs that are good natural remedies for sleeping problems:

Valerian has been known for its beneficial and relaxant characteristics since ancient times. It does not only help with insomnia, but it also helps to get rid of anxiety and nervousness. When taken in moderate amounts, this herb does not provoke unwanted effects. Kava Kava is particularly helpful in relaxing the body and enhancing dreaming, but it is also suggested to those who suffer from chronic fatigue. However, it should not be used over a long period of time, because it might affect the liver negatively and cause some damage. Chamomile is also an old natural remedy for sleep and it is even safe for children. People usually consume it as a tea because of the pleasant taste, and it can be used for a long period of time without any concern that some side effects might appear. Still, it does not mean that people cannot develop allergic reaction, since it is possible with probably any herb. Besides the fact that it helps with insomnia, it reduces restlessness and affects digestion in a positive way. California poppy is an ingredient of many sleep aids that are being sold in the US, and it works as a mild sedative. It is safe for children, which suggests that no side effects should be expected. Passion flower is another herbal remedy that helps to fall asleep and that can be used by children as well. It can be used as a tea, or in the form of capsules or tincture, and the only side effect that has ever been reported with this herb is sleepiness.

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