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Information on Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid was first discovered in the 1950s and itwas considered to be only a vitamin all the way until 1988 when it was finallyclassified as an antioxidant. All different sorts of antioxidants work the sameway. They are very efficient in fighting the free radicals and reducing theseverity and the amount of damage they cause to the human body on the cellularlevel. This means that antioxidants actually slow down the inevitable processof aging. The harmful free radicals get created in the body as a result ofaging, various types of pollution, bad diet and stress. They damage the cells inthe body and may be held responsible for the occurrence of numerous medicalconditions such as stroke or heart diseases. Alpha lipoic acid is one of thenewest and also one of the most promising antioxidants known to man. It issoluble in fat and in water as well so that it can get to all the differentparts of the body and neutralize the harmful free radicals. It is a metabolictype of antioxidant so it enhances the cell metabolism and it is actually theonly known antioxidant which can reach all the way to the brain. The human bodyproduces alpha lipoic acid in sufficient amounts, but it becomes an antioxidantonly when it is present in excessive amounts. It may also be ingested in theform of dietary supplements which are commonly taken orally. When the alphalipoic acid gets into the cells of the human body, it soon gets transformedinto its most powerful form which is known by the name of dihydrolipoic acid.

Health Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid can be used for the treatment ofperipheral nerve degeneration which is often associated with diabetes. It isalso very efficient in enhancing the functioning of vitamin E and vitamin Cinside the human body. Alpha lipoic acid may also come in very handy when itcomes to protecting or repairing the cells inside the human body. It is alsovery beneficial in the detoxification of the liver. Alpha lipoic acid is veryefficient in the prevention and treatment of cataracts, brain malfunction,atherosclerosis, memory malfunction, heart attacks and strokes. There are twodifferent forms of alpha lipoic acid – the S and the R. One should always gofor the R form. Alpha lipoic acid overdose may result in an upset stomach andnausea.

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