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Information on Inositol

Inositol is also known as cyclohexane to the some people and itis basically a glucose isomer and it is very important for the human body fornumerous different reasons. Among its most important benefits is the fact thatit is very efficient in relieving panic attacks and depression.

It can be foundin one of the stereoisomers and its most prominent form which is widelyavailable in nature is referred to as myo-inositol. It belongs to the complexof B vitamins and one of its most important roles is the formation ofphospholipids.

These substances are very important for the human brain.Inositol can also come in very handy when it comes to the facilitation of thecommunication of metabolites in the cells of the human body. It is also veryimportant for the transportation of fats throughout the entire human body.

Benefits of Inositol

All the vitamins from the B complex are water soluble sothey cannot be stored in the human body. Inositol is a vital part of theprocess of the formation of lecithin.

Lecithin is very efficient in protectingthe cells from oxidation and building their membranes. It also prevents fatfrom being stored in the liver, which is an important metabolic feature. Inositolmay also come in very handy for those who suffer from hair loss, baldness orthinning of hair. It is one of the most vital ingredients needed for propergrowth of hair.

Anxiety and depression are some of the medical conditions thatcan be relieved and treated by using inositol on a regular basis. It is usuallyused in the powder form for the treatment of such medical conditions. Inositolmay also be beneficial for ailments such as Alzheimer’s disease because it hasa remarkably positive effect on the nervous system.

It may also come in veryhandy when it comes to decreasing the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood,preventing hardening of the arteries and preventing liver, kidneys and all theother vital organs in the human body from numerous different types of diseases,illnesses, disorders and ailments. Inositol is also good for those who sufferfrom diabetes and respiratory distress symptoms.

It stimulates the growth ofthe cells in the human body, relieves the symptoms of constipation and treats numerousdifferent types of eye problems and skin disorders. Inositol can be found indried beans, whole grain products, cantaloupe, rice, garbanzo beans, pork,lentils, oats and nuts.

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