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Cellulite is women greatest enemy and it is created due to the buildup of liquid in the hypodermic fat layer. But this problem can be successfully eliminated and in the following text, we will talk about the ways in which you can achieve this. We will talk about the things you can do, as well as about the things that you should not do.

What Not to Do

One of the things that should not be done is use of depletive remedies and diuretics for the removal of the unwanted fluids. They will only cause short-term effect after which you will experience bloating and the cellulite will start to grow due to the buildup of the fluids, which will start again. But there are ways which will help you remove liquids and they refer to the consumption of vegetables, fruits, soda-free water and green tea.

Cellulite can develop due to the excess of salt but salt-free diets should not be used for the removal of cellulite. Salt needs to be consumed but in normal amounts, which is from 5 to 10g each day. However, avoid foods rich in salt, like canned and smoke-dried foods. When you eat, you have to eliminate everything that is not necessary, like smoked foods, salted foods, sausages and similar. Also, be careful with the intake of salt and fat. Try to eat things like milk, natural milk and fish, while avoiding ham and sausages.

What to Do

Removal of the cellulite is possible and it can be done fast, but there are certain rules you have to obey. First you will have to avoid doing what has been described in the previous lines, and the next thing to do is vacuum massage with rubber glass. This type of massage can be done with the rubber glass, which produces a rush of lymph and blood from the deep tissue to the skin. These effects will basically even the hypodermic fat layer where the fluid gathers, and thus eliminate the cellulite.

As we have mentioned, rubber glass can help you with your cellulite problem. It can also be used during the anti-cellulite massages and it may even help those with pneumonia, bronchitis, colds and osteochondrosis. Also, it has ability to improve the immune system. There are numerous products that are advertised as a perfect choice for fast elimination of cellulite from your body, but they may not be as effective as advertised, and they are mostly very expensive. So it is up to you; you can follow these safe, natural and free rules, or you can buy expensive products and hope they will work.

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