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Our body is exposed to many environmental conditions and also very susceptible to developing of many diseases. Fortunately, almost every disorder that happens in our body is manifested through several symptoms that warn us something wrong is happening with our body. Therefore, it is extremely important to pay attention to every sign or every pain that appears since it can be an indication of some disorder. The human body is very complex and is consisted of many systems and organs. Every kind of pain that occurs in any part of the body is only a symptom of some condition and should be checked.

Pain between breasts in women

The pain that appears between the breasts is also a symptom that usually represents the upcoming heart attack. However, although it is the main symptom of impeding heart attack in men, the pain that suddenly appears between the breasts in women may indicate many other medical conditions that are not related to the hearts diseases. It is considered that younger women before entering menopause are not at risk of having a heart attack. This is so because the level of estrogen is high before the menopause, and this hormone prevents the narrowing of the arteries, thus, reducing the risk of having a heart attack. When a woman enters menopause, the ovaries do not produce the hormone estrogen anymore and then women become equally susceptible to the developing of hearts diseases.

Causes of chest pain between breasts in women

When a woman experiences such a pain, it is important to immediately go and consult a doctor. First of all, the doctor must check if any coronary heart disease exists. For diagnosing coronary heart disease the doctors use a stress test. If the main cause of the chest pain between breasts is some coronary heart disease, the test proves positive. Another cause of such pain is a condition called microvascular dysfunction. This disorder is marked by abnormal constriction of the blood vessels or with the small blood vessels that do not widen as they should to provide the normal blood flow. Furthermore, plaque accumulation may also occur in the arteries, which makes the blood flow difficult, thus causing chest pain. Endothelial dysfunction is also responsible for the occurring of the uncomfortable pain in the chest. This condition is characterized by the improper function of the cells that line the inner surface of the blood vessels.

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