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The nature of the breast pain

As it is the case with the majority of areas of the body, breasts are no exception to occasional tenderness. And the pain is not limited to females but also to males. The person might worry about the soreness and the ultimate cause behind it. The pain females feel looks something like this: they experience a somewhat painful sensation while washing the chest, or when they lie on their belly in bed. The girls may even expect to feel the sensation as if their breasts have put on ten pounds during one night. Males might feel experience soreness in their breasts, or even notice a bump beneath the skin close to the nipples.

This sensation of tenderness in the breasts may be frightening to the person feeling the pain, regardless of whether the pain is dull or sharp. Various sources, such as television, journals and newspapers, deliver many pieces of information on cancer of the breast, but you should definitely not panic that something like that will definitely happen to you.

The physiological role of breasts

Every mammal has breasts, and, since humans belong to mammals, they have them too. Mammary glands, which produce milk, start to grow in ladies when their puberty starts. The chest consists mainly of fat and other types of tissue that cushions nerves, arteries and veins, as well as milk ducts, which resemble small tubes.

Young females are endowed the breasts because they have the role of feeding newborns. Prior to the invention of feeding bottles, young infants have been fed from the breasts. Some women opt for feeding their newborns formula, but many of them still feed their babies natural breast milk. Feeding babies breast milk is advised by the medical experts as the preferred food for newborns. It fulfils all needs for precious nutrients a baby may need.

The causes of soreness

The onset of the development process is what most typically causes tenderness in the breasts. The first signs include the appearance of a tiny bump under the skin of the nipple. This is what the experts call breast buds, and males and females have them at one point. It might be slightly sore, but it definitely isn’t a thing to worry about since it is perfectly natural.

The period, or menstruation, is another big source of breast pain for girls. About the beginning of period, levels of the hormones fluctuate. These changes induce the premenstrual syndrome (PMS). At that time some body parts of the woman swell, and so is true of the breasts. Girls then experience pain induced by the stretching of the breast tissue.

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