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Stop stressing over teen acne

Don't Make Things Worse

Teenagers, due to the hormonal changes affecting their body, are quite prone to having acne and skin problems during this period of their life. However, it is very important not to touch, squeeze or irritate your acne in any possible way, since you can only make things worse this way.

Also, you should not stress over your acne. Surely, it must look terrible to you and you may perceive this problem as a persistent and never-ending one. Yet, it will all pass in time. Until then, relax, do not make things worse by stress or aggressive treatment of your acne, and choose some of many excellent treatments which can reduce the amount of pimples you have, keep your skin hydrated, disinfected and healthy, making you safe from excessive worries and skin problems in general.

Why Do I Have Acne?

As mentioned above, during your teenage days, your organism produces more skin oil due to hormonal activity. This oil, mixed with dead skin, clogs your pores and causes a minor bacterial infection, leading to the development of pimples. You may have blackheads, which take place once the clogged area is closer to the outside of your skin, or whiteheads, when the infection is deeper in your skin. The worst case scenario involves having infected hair follicles which can then create cysts being painful and harder to treat. Nevertheless, there is a proper treatment for each type of these skin problems.

How Can I Treat My Acne?

The first thing you need to do is to be careful while choosing a treatment. Depending on your skin type, some medications may work while some others may make things worse. Therefore, it is best to pay a dermatologist a visit before taking any serious action. When you find the right cure, stick to it, since if it worked at the beginning, it will work until the end of your acne problems. Keep your skin clean and well hydrated. For these purposes, you can use cleansers, acne creams, masks, lotions and many other products. Most of these are available over-the-counter.

Finally, the most important rule is to keep your hands off your pimples. Leave them alone, do not squeeze, scratch or touch them except during the treatment. They will go away eventually, so do not stress. Remember that there are many other people out there having the same problem. Also, there are many who had acne and now have beautiful faces. Stay motivated and persistent, this too shall pass.

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