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What are Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes is a notion depicting a healthproblem, where one's vision is impaired by abnormally low productionof tears. Thus, this person, having no tears or less tears produced,suffers from dry eyes, having trouble seeing things correctly andoften experiencing pain and irritation, as well as itching andinflammation. This is quite a common condition, affecting even 20% ofpeople in the world. However, there are those who are more prone todry eyes than other people. Namely, these are women, those who usecertain types of medication excessively, suffer from specific healthcondition or are exposed to some environmental factors known toinfluence the onset of this phenomenon. As far as possible treatmentis concerned, these people are usually prescribed artificial tearsthey need to use regularly. Nevertheless, there are special contactlenses made for these purposes exactly, being excellent for peoplewith dry eyes. Of course, you might also opt for a surgery. Still,these lenses may be all you need in order to cope with this problem.

Contact Lenses Treating Dry Eyes

Paradoxically, in many cases, contactlenses are the main cause of dry eyes, since, even though these aremostly made of water, they still evaporate this fluid while you arewearing them and absorb that which your eye is supposed to use foritself. Thus, you end up with dry eyes just because you were wearingcontact lenses.

However, newer types of these productsare made of different materials, being soft without needing extrawater. Subsequently, these do not absorb your tears in order toremain moist. Still, you can prevent dry eyes by wetting yourcontacts regularly and blinking often. Also, by taking a good care ofyour lenses, keeping them clean and changing them often, you reducechances of developing dry eyes.

Therefore, the best type of contactlenses you might use for these purposes, or, simply to prevent dryeyes are the hydrogel ones. Also, there are many different polymerswhich are used nowadays and you can opt for those which suit youbest. Basically, you need soft lenses which are not that based onwater much. Finally, you might choose the, quite popular, RGP, orrigid gas permable lenses. These do not contain water at all, thusnot causing dryness in a typical way. However, you should beextremely cautious since these are quite rigid and may causeexcessive eye irritation as well as many other problems.

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