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Every Healing Needs Attention

Every wound or any kind of damage done to one's body take time to heal. During this healing process, numerous unwanted things may happen so one must pay full attention to it in order to rule those out. Starting from small complications up to life-threatening ones, these conditions are not to be taken for granted or neglected.

Possible Physical Complications

First of all, there is a possibility of bleeding, either internal or external. Blood vessels may have been damaged at the same time the injury took place, and sometimes there might be signs of the bleeding on the outside while other times it may be completely conceived by the skin and the tissue. Secondly, usually with larger wounds there is a danger of separation. Namely, two layers of the wound may separate again during the healing process, this action being caused either by movement, straining or coughing, sneezing, and similar affairs. Whatever the cause might be, the wound, one opened again should be sterilized as soon as possible and examined by a doctor. Finally, in most serious of cases, when it comes to abdominal wounds, internal organs may get exposed or exit the body through the opening. In these, highly severe cases, one is to seek medical attention immediately and remain as calm as possible, keeping the wound sterile at all times. In such cases surgical intervention is a must, thus the emphasis on timely reaction.

Possible Infections

Whenever the wound or its surroundings swell, cause severe pain when touched or moved or when pus comes out from the spot, there is a high danger of infection. Depending on all the indicators, however, mainly on the color and consistency of the pus expelled, doctors may conclude what type of bacteria and/or other microorganism may be causing the infection. Afterwards, when the diagnosis has been given, measures are taken in order to restore the wound into a healthy healing condition.

In order to avoid this, a patient needs to keep the wound clean at all times. Keep your hands and the rest of your body clean, avoid unnecessary touching and irritating of the healing spot and, most importantly, follow the healing procedure given to you by the doctor.

Other Complications

Healing process may go wrong itself. These unfortunate courses of action have as their consequence incorrect formation of scars. Excessive scars may form, or there might not be enough of the scar tissue leaving the wound exposed. Healing may also end with deformation of the skin surface, mostly in cases of skin burns. Wounds in shoulder, knee or similar area take longer time to heal, and, therefore, have different scars which are red and itchy at first but later become pale and usually larger in size. Wounds that had their healing prolonged by infections also tend to have these, more complicated scars.

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