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Tantric yoga is a non-dual philosophy tightly connected to yoga. Sometimes, these two disciplines are distinguished by saying that yoga is suppression with awareness; while tantra is indulgence with awareness. The word “tantra” comes from the Sanskrit language from two root words tanoti, meaning "to stretch, to extend", and trayati meaning "liberation". Tantric philosophy is rooted in the idea that we experience nothing but the manifestations of the divine energy, which creates and maintains our universe. The goal of Tantra and therefore, tantric yoga is to channel the divine energy through rituals. Sometimes, the Indian science of life is organized into three separate disciplines: Ayurveda, which deals mostly with the physical body; Yoga, which deals mostly with the spirit; and Tantra, which is chiefly concerned with the mind. The goal of Tantra is, therefore, to use the mind to balance the demands of body and spirit.
Benefits of tantric yoga
Sexual rites took a very special place in Hindu Tantra philosophy. The tantric sexual rituals are focused on experiencing infinite awareness for both participants. It is believed that the sexual act balances energies within the body, awakens the sushumna nadi, the central channel, and rises kundalini, the natural energy of the Self. Today, tantric yoga provides various benefits while boosting sexual capacity and sexual awareness in both partners. This practice stimulates the muscles and improves their health, while strengthening the respiratory zone and providing a lot of stress relief.
Tantric yoga positions
The basic position includes standing up straight while balancing the knees and hands upon the ground. One should kneel down backward, reaching backward and down with the back, while extending the arms to the front. Now is the time to exhale, inhale, and grip the anal muscle to draw it inward as much as it is possible. Hold the position for a couple of breaths and then release. Repeat the sequence three to four times, and continue breathing calmly and deeply while doing so.
The next position starts by lying down on the rear with arms near the sides of the body. The body is loose. One should slowly inhale, hold a breath for a while and then exhale while clutching the anal muscle and drawing the anal cavity as inward as it is possible. One should remain free from stress and pay attention to slow and relaxing breathing. The exercise should be very gentle and not strenuous. On exhale, the muscle relaxes, on the inhale it stretches again. The series should last anywhere from three to eight minutes.

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