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Exercising does not have to be all about sweating and lifting weights, about how many miles we run or how many push ups we can do. It can be all about stretching, flexibility, good posture and still the body can be fit, without any extra fat and with strong muscles.

Yoga - origin

Yoga comes from Asia, India to be more precise, and it came to the Western world in the last couple of decades, where it created a real boom in the area of physical condition. It offered something new and interesting, even different from other forms of physical exercises which also came from Asia, martial arts being the most popular. Yoga is more about coming in peace with your inner self and your body, while fitness and healthy organism are just 'side effect' of this process. Even so, this has become very popular activity among people and it has more practitioners each day. What would be some yoga basics?

Postures in yoga

Yoga is all about postures and it is something that cannot be valued with points or to be declared as better performed or worse than by the next competitor. Yoga is never about competing but about harmony and therefore, even those postures do not have rigid rules that should be followed. A person must do them so that his or hers body is feeling comfortable all the time. This is something that makes sense - improving your body without much effort and feeling good about it.

What would be some basic postures? Well, there is a starting sit position. A person has to be crossed legged with hands resting on the knees. Legs are opened wide as much as possible and this goes also for the groin. Back is straight and in the straight line with the neck. In this position, a person needs to inhale and exhale deeply for about ten times. After this, arms are raised above the head with the inhale and lowered down with exhale, slowly. This is done for at least 5 times and this form shows what is good about yoga - breathing correctly. It is a simple exercise to help you feel better instantly.

This is just a beginning, but it is obvious that yoga offers something else comparing to the most of the exercising forms. It is also teaching a person to breathe properly and since forms are performed very slowly, it also teaches patience. This posture is a starting one and it is followed by postures called Dog and cat, Mountain, Uttanasana, Trikonasana etc.

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