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Oral thrush is a fungal infection that may seem serious, because of white patchy lesions it causes, and it should, in fact, be treated on time, but fortunately the treatment is usually very effective and cures the oral thrush in no time.

About oral thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection affecting the mouth. It is caused by a fungus called Candida albicans and its rapid multiplication. When a person becomes infected, the fungus grows and spreads and it leads to the characteristic symptoms like white, creamy lesions inside the mouth, usually on the inner cheeks and at the back of the throat, but also on the gums and the tongue.

These lesions can be painful and cause discomfort, especially when eating. If the white coating is scraped and removed using a cotton swab, the lesions usually bleed.

Oral thrush is most commonly seen in babies, toddlers and young children. It also often affects the people who have a weak immune system, especially after long illnesses.

Treatment for oral thrush

Oral thrush can be cured using anti-fungal medications or with natural home remedies.

As for the home remedies, yogurt is one of the best. The active organisms found in yogurt maintain the favorable pH balance of the body and thus inhibit the growth of harmful organisms. Yogurt does not cure oral thrush directly, but it increases the number of the bacteria that are capable of destroying the fungus. Therefore, it is highly recommended to eat or drink plenty of yogurt on a daily basis until the infection goes away.

Proper oral and dental hygiene is another key factor in the treatment for oral thrush. Teeth, gums and tongue should be as clean as possible al the time. This means brushing after each meal, flossing two times a day and using a tongue scraper. Mouthwashes or simple saline solutions are also recommended.

Since oral thrush affects the people with a weak immune system, the diet should be as healthy as possible in order to strengthen it. Also, since the fungus feeds on sugar, it is recommended to stay off sweets, cakes and cookies for a while, at least until the infection subsides.

For severe cases of oral thrush, or for those who want a fast cure, anti-fungal medications are available, but it is recommended to see a doctor first. It is also advised to insist on medications that not only cure the current oral thrush, but prevent recurring fungal infections as well. Anti-fungal medication comes in the form of capsules or tablets to be taken internally, or mouthwashes that tackle the fungus directly in the mouth.

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