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Our vocal cords move when we speak and they open and close in order to realize or block the airflow from the lungs. In this way, sound is produced. There are some problemsthat may cause the enlargement of the vocal cords, which usually happens whenan irritation of the vocal cords is present. The name for this problem isnodule, and when this problem is created the natural functioning of vocal cords isimpaired. We are not able to produce sounds by the movement of the air andthis is the point when we realize the problem.

Symptoms of vocal nodules

The voice change is the most frequent problem experienced with vocal nodules.The quality is the biggest problem, but many other problems may occur as well, when thisproblem is present. We haven't mentioned that there are two sets of muscles inthe muscle responsible for the mentioned blockage and release of the air.The problem we are discussing can occur on just one or even on both muscles.This condition is not dangerous but it can be discomforting, since the mainproblem associated with it is impaired voice. We will talkabout the treatment later, but now we will mention that the most important part ofthe treatment of this condition is the proper use of vocal cords. When the condition is created irritation causes the swelling of some areas ofthe tissue, which happens on the vocal cords, and after some times they harden up.The voice becomes scratchy, harsh and hoarse. Problems with therealization of the voice are possible and by this we mean that the voice issometimes heard just after the talking. Singing is definitely impaired. Thisproblem is great since the voice range is also affected by vocal nodules. Whenthe condition progresses the nodule grows and the lump can be felt by touch.The fully grown lumps can produce pain usually experienced in theneck and sometimes in the region between the ears.


When you visit the hospital, doctor will determine the cause of irritation inorder to find the proper treatment. Excessive use of voice is one of thecauses, which will require speech and voice therapy. Breathing techniques,volume adjustment and voice pitching are some of the things learned in thespeech therapy. Another cause can be heartburn, and when this happens the originaldisease responsible for the cause of vocal nodules has to be treated first.Smoking or some influence from the surroundings is the trigger of theseconditions. There is a possibility that nodules become polyps if they growenough and surgery is the only possible treatment if this happens. If you sufferfrom vocal nodules avoid smoking and loud and long singing and try to drink asplenty of fluid possible.

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