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A condition that affectsthe nervous system and immune system is named multiple sclerosis and it isalso popular under the short term of MS. When the condition occurs, the nervesheaths or coverings are attacked by the immune system, which can lead to theirdestruction. Insulation on wires is a good simile we can make with sheaths thatare located around the nerves since they have the same role, basically. Ifthey are not present, some problems with the brain can be causedand experienced, though this condition can cause problems in other bodyparts as well. A very important part of the treatment is an early detection,because, if this and a proper diagnosis are done the treatment can be successful. Womenare more affected by this condition, and usually suffer more serious problemsthan men but men are mostly blamed for transferring the condition to theirchildren. This may be the reason why this condition can run in some families.

The problems caused by thiscondition are not evident until the age of 20, and even 40 sometimes, and muscleproblems are the most common problems associated with multiple sclerosis. Thiscondition can come in many forms and can be very diverse, and some say that MSages along with the host. Some of the problems with vision, like sight problemsand double vision are considered to be common. In the first stages of multiplesclerosis, men usually feel numbness or tingling sensation in the extremities while some say that a feeling of a tired muscle is felt. The problems producedby this disease have been described as the ones created by an electric shock. A problem is a specific movement, like head turning, which produces pain.Another problem multiple sclerosis induces is paralysis. Some men experienceproblems with moving the foot, hand, leg or an arm but these problems do notaffect only extremities, since they can spread to swallowing and speech.Multiple sclerosis affects the pathways of communication and thus createsproblems with memory. Because of this, many men suffer from memory loss.Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common problems. The multiple sclerosiscan produce problems with libido, which can be very frustrating. These problemscan also be created by some medications. If you are having these, or similarproblems, use of medication such as papaverine or alprostadil can help. Thelast problems we will mention, concerned with multiple sclerosis in men, arecoordination problems, tremors, fatigue, bowel control loss, lethargy, bladdercontrol loss and balance problems.

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