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The theme of this text will be related to theproblems with pain in groin and hip. The problem is usually the same, since thepain in hip is usually felt as pain in the groin but there are several other problemswhich are felt in similar way. Those problems includes upper thigh pain,abdominal side pain and pain in the buttocks, and they can be producedbecause of several reasons. The one general cause is not yet determined butas we have said there are several possible ones. Sprinters usually producethis condition because of the tendinitis, or strain of the adductor, a musclewhich functions as a leg mover. When the muscle calcifies if the problem isconnected with myositis ossificans. This condition is very rare, but it cansometimes happen to football players after a muscle trauma.

The pain in the groin can be provoked because oftwo reasons, iliopsoas bursitis or strain. When this problem is present, hipflexing produces pain which is felt at the front area of the groin and hip. Theculprit responsible for cartilage inflammation is undiscovered but this problemis connected with a problem called osteitis pubis. Problems such as groindisruption or sport hernia are possible. The pain in hip and groin can beproduced because of stress fracture of the pubic ramus or femoral neck. Damageof the tendon which produces condition called avulsion fracture is commonwith young athletes. If problems such as ilioinguinal nerve entrapment,genitofemoral nerve entrapment, obturator nerve entrapment and lateral femoralcutaneous nerve entrapment are experienced along with nerve entrapment problems as theycause the pain in question.

We will list a number of reasons for groin andhip pain in children younger than 10 years old. Those are toxic synovitis,septic joint, slipped femoral epiphysis and legg-calve-perthes disease.Osteoarthritis is a condition which is connected with a cartilage dilapidationwhich can destroy the bone, and this problem is widespread among older people.Cancer, gout, osteoid osteoma (benign tumor) and hip fracture can also producethis problem. Other causes for this pain are iliotibial band syndrome (producespain in the hip and thigh outer area), iliopsoas bursitis (inflammation of thebursitis) and piriformis syndrome (inflammation of the piriformis muscles).Some neurological problems can also produce this pain and some of them are meralgia paresthetica, problems with lumbar disk, coccydynia or spinal stenosis.As we have stated at the beginning of the text, there are numerous causes for thepain in the groin and hip area, and some of them are diverticulitis, menstrualproblems, varicocele, testicular cancer, endometriosis, Inguinal hernia arejust some of them.

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