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There are many medical experts who will say that stress isone of the main causing factors of some conditions, including even maligntumor. Even though this might seem not so believable, there is a strong connectionbetween physical state of the body and the mental state of the mind. At last,the body does what the mind tells it to do, so if the mind is full of negativeenergy, the body might feel some bad consequences.

Balancing all the time

This is what most people do these days. There is alwaysa problem of being underpaid, no matter what part of the world we are talking about.This creates problem of living normally until the next paycheck. Some peoplemight deal with it easy, but there are more of those who are stressing a lotabout it, especially if they have a family who depends on that paycheck. Also,there are always some problems at work, some pressure of finishing tasks in time andfinishing them properly. This is one thing. With this kind of work, many peopletransfer this negative energy to home, which is what makes relationships withfamily and friends become tense. Unfortunately, this creates more stress.Usually, there is not even some free time a person could use to cool down because of the constant money chasing. All of this can make a person turn tosome bad habits, such as smoking, using alcohol more than before, but there is alsoovereating and eating bad food.

Stress and work balance – is it possible to create aharmony in this kind of situation? Of course it is. First of all, people shouldthink of a job not as if it is some heavy burden, but a chance to prove yourskill and qualities. If this means to compete with others, that is fine, ifstress will be gone. Many people will say that it is better to stress out atwork than at home, because changing a job is not the end of the world, while onthe other end, family should be kept constant and with healthy relations withinit all the time.


Working environment should be pleasant as much as possible.If nothing else, some plant should be placed nearby. It is alwaysa good thing to have a plant in office, something green for eyes to rest upon.Whenever possible, make small breaks. These mini-breaks should be used for somenon-formal talk with colleagues or even for some light, office exercises, whichwill shake up the body. Fun, laughter, happiness, joy, they are all weaponsthat should be used when fighting stress.

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