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People are dealing with stress every day of their life. Small amount of stress can be managed, but if that becomes a constant situation the person may face negative consequences regarding his/her health. Excess stress is also harmful and can lead to many medical problems. Stress can heighten your blood pressure and cause hypertension, and it is also blamed for heart disorders and cancers.

All you need to do in order to be healthy and feel good is to find the way to deal with the stressful events in your life. It may sound easy, but for some people even finding the right activity can add some more stress. Avoid that and simply find something that makes you forget your work and troubles and what relaxes you.

Physical Activities

Exercise is very important for the well-being. Walking, running, swimming, actually any sport activity or something simple as stretching or gardening can be considered as exercise and is proven to make a world of good if you are under the stress. Walking in the fresh air is one of the best things for you when you feel tensed. Take a walk outside whenever you need to clear your mind. Even if it’s just several minutes through the park near your work you will definitively feel much better once you do it. Anything that you enjoy doing should be incorporated into your daily schedule and you should stick to it. Hiking, rock climbing, yoga or dance – any of these or anything else that makes you move would be beneficial to relieve the stress. Sexual intercourse can also relieve your tension, releasing certain hormones which make you feel good.


Mingling with people and drinking coffee with friends will provide you a different insight into your problems and help you to understand them better. After all, if socializing doesn’t solve your problems, at least you will forget about them for a while.


If you thought that massage works on the physical level – you got it wrong. Relaxing your muscles will also affect how you feel inside, and it is definitively one of the ways to deal with stressful occasions.

Music, Meditation, Hobbies

For some people, listening to their favorite tunes or reading a book can also be extremely helpful to ease the tension. If you enjoy gardening, cooking or knitting, for example, it will help you to feel better, and you should try to perform these activities regularly. Meditation can also help you overcome the stress in your life. Find a peaceful place at your home, or even in your office, breathe deeply and relax your mind for a couple of minutes.

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