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Nowadays, stress at the work has become an everyday, normal thing. Every employee is constantly pressured to meet the deadlines, do overtime work and all sort of things that have a negative effect to our mental health. After a lot of researching and dealing with this subject, researches were finally able to narrow down the circle to top causes of stress at work. That is very important for people, because once you identify what exactly causes stress, you can deal with it with much less difficulty. The primary and the most frequent cause for the stress at workplace is a deadline. That is, people are often given a lot of work that has to be done in a short notice. After that notion, some other triggers that slowly emphasize your stress are added to it. Finally, some kind of disagreement always appears among the co-workers, and as final outcome stress appears. Who can deal with it?

Concept of Ethics

We all think that we know the definition of ethics, and in fact, we do, because each one of us has its own view and standpoint regarding ethics. In more generalized terms, ethic stands for a set of recognized and accepted standards of what is right and wrong. Since every individual has a different background and education, and comes from a various cultures, ethical standards depend in great deal form each other. In most cases, ethical conflict begins when one person does all the work and the other one takes out just the benefit. These circumstances can cause conflicts and lead to reduced levels of productivity.

Samples of Ethical Issues Linked to Workplace Stress

Ethical issues in work can appear just as well among the employers as in employees. For example, we are all witnesses of an economy crisis and the employer has to cut down on the number of the employees. What to do, how to fire people? All of theses question belong to ethical stress issues. And, on the other hand, regarding the employees, they are motivated by the salary, by their advancement of career and by their progression. What if they are skipped more than once; although they are doing all the work, somehow when it is time for a promotion, they are not the chosen ones?

In order to make the right decision, employers should always ask themselves why they do something, why they cut down the number of employees. They also should think about the mutual benefits and if the decision is fair and right? And finally, they should ask themselves if the decision in question will bring them a lot of sleepless nights or not. The decision that they make must satisfy them and enable them to continue their work and to find peace with their mind.

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